This is the girl who said Nigeria is the continent of Africa.


This is the girl who said Nigeria is the continent of Africa.


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if you’re going to follow this blog I feel like y’all should know I hate white people











when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes







Question (by Anonymous)

Do you have any opinion on the new Lifetime show "Bring It!", specifically on critics' description of it as "ghetto"?




Well it’s about a bunch of black kids from the south, so of course it’s ghetto. Ugh, they speak AAVE! How uneducated!

You can guess what I’m gonna say about the critics…

I saw a preview for this show a while ago, and recently watched two episodes. The only difference between this show and “Dance Moms” is that in “Bring It,” the mothers are less insufferable, the coach doesn’t yell at the girls all the time and is more supportive, the mothers can be competitive but they’re not petty, they focus on very driven pre-teen and teenaged black girls from different walks of life doing something positive and uplifting (that’s part of their heritage), and the kids support one another.

There’s one kid whose aunt has taken care of her since she was a baby. She got upset with the coach for picking on the poor girl, got into an argument with the coach, and then took the kid (who was noticeable upset about the argument) out of class. Before driving off, her aunt asks her why she wants to be on the team if the coach makes her upset, she explains because they’re the best and she wants to be the best.

Her aunt also explains why she’s angry…because she’s the only thing that she loves in the entire world, she wants to give her all the opportunities that she never had, she wants a different life for her and that’s why she gives her everything she has…and that’s why she hates seeing her berated and hurt etc. It was really touching and in the end she did what was best for her kid, which is decide that even if the adults are bickering and they don’t like each other, her daughter’s happiness comes first. Her friend, who’s one of the top young dancers in the class was so happy to see her come back.

I mean…what’s ghetto about that? How often do you see complex depictions of black women and little black girls like that?

eta: The black people describing it as a “ghetto version of Dance Moms” or describing it as “ratchet” are doing themselves a huge disservice. Like, stop drinking the koolaid that convinced you that anything involving black people is “ghetto” and “ratchet” despite the show being everything but.

I like the show it cute and funny

$1 million that people calling it ghetto didn’t actually watch it

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